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The Flamingo Clay Studio’s mission is to provide affordable venues for artists, the arts, cultural and educational activities that serve the broad spectrum of Palm Beach County’s population. To this end we have developed a space that provides access for the creation of art, arts education, and fundraising through the arts for community needs.

The mission is designed to serve the community at large providing the greatest public benefit possible. All of this takes place in an urban setting with an outreach designed to engage and include the most economically needy and disenfranchised within the community. In addition, the facility provides space for hundreds of artists within the county for whom there are few resources in which to create, display or sell their work.

 Both the gallery and the Studio are now located at 15 South “J” Street, one block South of the ever popular Lake Avenue in Lake Worth Beach, Florida.

It is considered one of the jewels in the eccentric community which seems to have avoided the modern overgrowth of South Florida and maintained the charm of a time gone by.

The many artists that have contributed works to the space will attest that the space is unique and houses a selection that would appeal to every type of collector or enthusiast.
The gallery prides itself in its cooperative spirit as it is run by the artists themselves. It’s not unusual to stop in and see an artist hard at work on their craft, taking advantage of the creative environment to get some pieces done.  If you have not visited this gallery, please make a point.

The Covid Crisis has not put a damper on our artists.  We have worked, masked and socially distant, throughout this trying period.   We will test opening safely to the public.  We ask that you mask-up when entering our gallery/studio.  We do not want to put anyone in danger.